Free Partition Recovery

Data saved over any hard drive can get lost mysteriously and sometimes the whole partition gets deleted or lost, thus forming a very regretful situation for user. If you are having similar kind of data loss over hard drive partition, then just make use of Free Partition Recovery utility, which reprises each of the data located over corrupted, lost or deleted partition within few minutes of its use and that too at free of cost. This tool performs free deleted partition recovery and restores each of the anticipated files in the same data format. Whenever, such kind of data inaccessibility happens then information contained within the partition still exists at the same place until and unless files are overshadowed by any new files. Hence, this is the very reason that industrial experts of different recovery tool mention that usage of the drive must be stopped instantaneously after any kind of data loss.

How to get back corrupted or damaged partition data for free?

Basically, people get their partition corrupted or deleted due to their own mistake. Let’s preview one of such instance where this freeware utility can prove its worthiness. Suppose you need to make a new partition on your HDD partition for new operating system to be installed. To accomplish such motto you made use of Disk Management utility. However, while performing such task, system turned off abruptly, thereby, aborting the partitioning process. Since this kind of task directly deals with the fundamentals of hard drive, therefore, disrupting causes corruption of partition. Another related data loss happens because of improper use of Disk Utility, which leads to accidental deletion of partition. In case you are searching for solution for this kind of question then need not search any further. This freeware tool will assist in revival of data from corrupted partition.

Can this tool work for partition, which gets corrupt due to virus attack?

Yes, of course!!! Files or folders of HDD partition which get inaccessible due to virus attack over system and it can be easily reprimanded in matter of minutes, which doesn’t requires to follow any tiring procedure. Such kind of data loss can never be minimized to zero percent since, in this hi-tech world, it is quite important to have internet, which is one of the major source of virus intrusion on system. But, if admin of such system has not got appropriate tool, to check flow of virus from internet to system, then chances of corruption of file or even the file system is quite high. The only possible way to make such corrupted partition data accessible again is to make use of Free Partition Recovery Tool.

How efficient this software is to handle technical error over File System?

MFT (Master File Table) is a file in NTFS file system, which saves details of every files and folders like time and date stamps, size, permissions, data content etc. If anyhow such sophisticated file gets corrupt then each of the files or folders contained within the respective partition gets inaccessible, thereby forming a very heart-rending situation for the user. When such an instance develops over hard drive messages like "NTFS Error: error in reading file_volume MFT record" or "c:\$Mft corrupt or unreadable" is conveyed to users. The only solution to such error messages is making use of free NTFS partition recovery software. Similar state of affair can reprise if computer or laptop is turned off, in very inappropriate way. The other situations where this freeware utility can be useful are accidental format, improper OS installation, MBR corruption, format error and various others.

Perform mentioned steps for easy revival of partitions

Step 1: Download and install Free Partition Recovery on your computer. Once it's installed, launch it to open its Home Wizard as shown in Figure 1.

Free Partition Recovery - Home Wizard

Figure 1: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select Quick Recovery option and from next window screen, select the partition which you wish to recover. After choosing the required hard drive partition, click on next button to commence scanning process.

Free Partition Recovery - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: When scanning process is finished, a list of recovered data will be shown as in figure 3.

Free Partition Recovery - List of Recovered Data

Figure 3: List of Recovered Data